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Dpreview forum za vlasnike Olympusa

Kako se obradjuju fotografije na racunaru

Histograms (simple)

Histograms (detailed)

Curves (this is the one that finally helped me understand it)

Understanding Color Management[/url]

An Image Processing Workflow

Basic Digital Post Processing Lessons

2 Fast Start Intros. to PS for Photographers

PS Keyboard Shortcut Tips

Quick Mask Tutorial (the most precise way to make a selection):

Making Fine Prints in your Digital Darkroom
(incl. Monitor/Printer Calibration)

4 Step Method to Cleaning Images with PS:

Custom Noritsu & Fuji Frontier Printer Profile

Color Correction (software)

Blended Duotones (gives added depth to scans-useful with poor scans):

Getting Better Black & White from Color

Making an Image B&W AND Color

Channel Mixer Recipes (variations of turning color into b&w using the Channels pallette) (click on 'mixer' icon)

Sepia Tones Go to Black and White>Toning (action)

Color Correcting a Scanned Image

Detailed Steps for Mattes & Frames in PS

120+ Free PS Image Enhancing & Canvas Actions

Free "Dream Effect" PS Plug-in:

Cross Processing with PS: (tutorial #23)

Free Frame Actions

150+ Sites w/Free PS Actions, Plug-ins and Tips:

PS7 Auto Color Tips

Fred Miranda's Excellent DSLR(and other)PS Actions:

Digital Noise Reduction Software:

Creating Decorative Photographic Edges

Polaroid Transfer Method

Portrait Enhancement (software)

Vignettes, Borders and Edges

Gaussian Blur Overlays (Dream Filter)

Watercolor/Painting Effects

Realistic Pencil & Pastel Sketches

One Water Color Technique

Another Water Color Technique

Blending Mode Definitions

Infrared Tutorial & Action (action) (channel mixer)

Digital Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Digital CC Filters

Contrast Masking

Panorama Tools (Free Plug-In)

A Digital Watermark Signature Tutorial

Grain Aliasing (film scanner)

The High Bit Advantage (film scanner)

Image Softening Technique

Unsharp Mask Quick Tips

Shooting the Moon (w/links to astrophotography and solar/lunar tables)

RAW File Management Tips

A Few Scanning Tips

Digital B&W Printing

PS Actions, Filters, Brushes, Plug-Ins, etc.

Digital Photography FAQ (superb site!)

Battery Info.

PaintShop Pro Tutorials

PS Elements Tutorials

Misc. PS Instruction & Tutorials (in no order) (Links)
Assorted Digital Imaging Sites G=Google+Search&meta=site%3Dgroups

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