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Naslov: RapidMagic v2.5
Poruka od: Kenny 29.04.2007. 23:48:23

What is Rapidmagic?
Rapidmagic is a RapidShare.com premium downloader for FREE users.

Rapidmagic isn't downloading files, why?
First, check for an account update in the account update section, if there is an update then try downloading again, it should work. If there is no update and it still doesn't work, it may be because I have not gotten around to updating the account yet (check back later).

It says I have a incorrect user/pass
Make sure you type it in correctly, and are using your Blackbay login name and not display name

I got a runtime error "Failed to load control 'RipperWrapper'", what do i do?
Download: http://www.getupload.com/file/5302/MSWINSCK-OCX.html
and put it in C:\WINDOWS\System32

I got a "msinet.ocx" error, what do i do?
Download: http://www.getupload.com/file/5303/msinet-ocx.html
and put it in C:\WINDOWS\System32

Does Rapidmagic work with Windows Vista?
Tested and found errors, most likely will not work on Vista.

May I post Rapidmagic on another website?


pa evo.. ne morate se muciti sa resetovanjem konekcije, modema, cekanjem velikog brojasati kako bi slobodno dl-ovali s rapida.. :)

Naslov: Odg: RapidMagic v2.5
Poruka od: soda 01.08.2007. 05:22:04
cek ovo je kao crack za rapidshare?